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This link is only for the current academic year - 2018-2019.

Step 1

Fill out Recommendation Request Form:

For your application to be considered complete, recommendations (one for Kindergarten applicants, two for Grade 1-5 applicants, and four for Grade 6-12th applicants) must be submitted. For Non-Traditional, Hybrid and Sports Only students, please refer to the student type specific checklist within the application and/or on the CSCS website.

  • Applicants applying for Kindergarten: Church Recommendation
  • Applicants applying for Grades 1 – 5: Church Recommendation and Principal/Counselor/Teacher Recommendation
  • Applicants applying for Grades 6 – 12: Church, Principal or Counselor, Math, and English Recommendation

Please note: If you are a current CSCS family, the Church Recommendation Form will be waived.

To fill out the Recommendation Request form, click here to get started. Please do not be logged in when filling out the recommendation request form.

Now that the recommendation requests have been sent, please continue to Step 2. 

Step 2

Fill out application.

Fill out the new student application, by clicking here to start the application. 

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